Supermarket Pilot

Today I had the pleasure of observing my cards in action. Morton Williams, a New York City chain of supermarkets, agreed to test Mighty Munch in one of their Bronx locations. In exchange for buying certain fruits and veggies, families were given corresponding power cards at checkout. 

Some things I noted:

  •  Even if kids didn’t completely understand what the cards were, they were extremely curious.
  •  A lot of children thought they were cool but after a certain age, they turned them down.
  •  Many children had to translate the premise to their parents as the neighborhood is heavily Hispanic.
  •  I realized it would be easier if there was some sort of a handout listing the fruits and veggies to look out for
  •  Marketing in the store needs to be bolder to encourage consumers who wouldn’t normally shop the produce section

To be continued...