A Walk Through Town

Despite not having finished illustrating a power for each fruit and vegetable, I thought it was time to show the cards I’ve done so far to the community. I didn’t want to go further with a style that might not be suitable.

The most crucial feedback I need on this project is from the kids themselves. So, with a stack of card-stuffed envelopes in hand, I took a walk around my neighborhood. It’s been difficult to get into schools so instead of trying to get permission to get in the doors, I simply stood outside the school and talked to parents waiting to pick up their kids. My first stop was PS 40, where I handed sample cards out to a few parents to try at home. I then handed more out at a nearby playground. It’s interesting to see how people respond to my spiel. Some parents were immediately interested and on the same page as the problem at hand. Others were the complete opposite. One woman told me she’d rather not take the cards home because her daughter was ‘hopeless at eating her vegetables.’ At a park in Stuyvesant Town, two young mothers looking up from their cell phones told me they never take their children to the supermarket. These are the precise types of people I want to talk more to. What will motivate them to try harder? What if it didn’t take that much effort? What if it was fun?