My Quest for a Real Dinner at a Dutch Train Station

Image credit:  That Food Cray

Image credit: That Food Cray

A few months ago, on a trip visiting family in Holland, I took a train ride from The Hague to Utrecht. Prior to boarding, I made sure to grab a satisfying, healthy dinner to eat on the train. This proved to be a tough task. I circled the train station, passing one fast food chain after another. The sight of commuters downing hamburgers  while running to catch their trains frustrated me. The on-the-run American way of eating has unfortunately spread to Europe and beyond.

After finally finding a salad, I took a seat on the train. Sitting across from me, a woman about my age set her dinner on the the table that stood between us. She opted for a greasy mess from Smullers, a Dutch fast food chain, that included mayonnaise-soaked french fries, a kroket on a bun, and a large milkshake. Sitting opposite her, eating my vibrant and nourishing salad I searched so eagerly to find, I couldn’t help but feel like I was winning. It’s easy to grab fast food. It’s hard to opt for something else. In a culture that markets empty calories on us day after day, let’s reward the latter.